Michael Gullo, Residential System Owner

I wish there were more stars!  Through the course of a major and ongoing 3-year $400,000.00 remodel of an upscale residential property I purchased in Knoxville in 2013, I have contracted dozens if not more than a hundred companies and individuals to do work or provide services. I, myself, am a very capable turn-screw. As such, I hope any reader will credit this review and contract Solar Alliance Energy for their alternative energy needs.
ARiES Solar is the best company that has ever worked for me - period. I have never met a group of guys with a more profound sense of respect, craftsmanship, or integrity. Moreover, their dogged pursuit of knowledge defies the all too common information obsolescence in a constantly innovating industry.
Every project has its difficulties - especially one that intends to take a 6000sqft residence and 3 significant out - buildings 100% off grid, and this project had much more than its share. But Solar Alliance rose to the occasion at each and every stonewall. They refused to fail! More than that, they refused anything short of master-work. At every turn, they went above and beyond. They offered their all, and they faced every problem with the calm professionalism that can only come from experience.  
I used to measure companies not by how well they handled their common work, but by how well they handled the uncommon problems in their work, and I thought that was a good rubric. From now on, I'll measure companies by how they compare with Solar Alliance . it should be 5 Solar Alliance rather than 5 stars.
Thanks guys for everything!