Testimonials from Clients and Partners

Michael Gullo, Residential System Owner

I wish there were more stars!  Through the course of a major and ongoing 3-year $400,000.00 remodel of an upscale residential property I purchased in Knoxville in 2013, I have contracted dozens if not more than a hundred companies and individuals to do work or provide services. I, myself, am a very capable turn-screw. As such, I hope any reader will credit this review and contract Solar Alliance Energy for their alternative energy needs.
ARiES Solar is the best company that has ever worked for me – period. I have never met a group of guys with a more profound sense of respect, craftsmanship, or integrity. Moreover, their dogged pursuit of knowledge defies the all too common information obsolescence in a constantly innovating industry.
Every project has its difficulties – especially one that intends to take a 6000sqft residence and 3 significant out – buildings 100% off grid, and this project had much more than its share. But Solar Alliance rose to the occasion at each and every stonewall. They refused to fail! More than that, they refused anything short of master-work. At every turn, they went above and beyond. They offered their all, and they faced every problem with the calm professionalism that can only come from experience.  
I used to measure companies not by how well they handled their common work, but by how well they handled the uncommon problems in their work, and I thought that was a good rubric. From now on, I’ll measure companies by how they compare with Solar Alliance .
it should be 5 Solar Alliance rather than 5 stars.
Thanks guys for everything!

Amanda Little, Author

“Clean energy and green jobs are booming in Tennessee. Harvey Abouelata and ARiES Energy saw this coming long ago, and got way out in front of this trend. I’m so impressed with the success of ARiES, but not a bit surprised: Harvey’s vision and drive are infectious–he’s nothing short of visionary. “

Lawrence Carico, Residential System Owner

“I am more than pleased with the solar panel installation on my home. The folks at ARiES were all very good to deal with and the completed job was very professional. My savings have been a pleasant surprise too as my intent was to be a good steward of the environment. Who knew doing good would turn out to be the best investment I ever made! If you are in East Tennessee and might be considering a solar system install, then talk to ARiES and I promise you will be pleased.”

Mary Headrick, Residential System Owner

“I recommend ARiES for solar panel purchase and installation. ARiES placed 27 panels (7.695 kW) on our home.  The staff was patient as we asked for design changes, and modified our roof. Once we chose our design, they were timely and efficient with order and installation. We met 6 of the ARiES employees. Each was terrific. They maintained good communications (email and phone), keeping us well-informed and answering questions. The system is working well and we are delighted to lower our carbon footprint.”

Paul Green, Commercial System Owner, Dry Ridge Farm

“Dear Harvey,

Just wanted to drop you a line letting you know how much I enjoyed my ARiES experience. Having workers on the roof of my barn full of horses can be a daunting job. Also, all of the paper work in order to get the REAP grant is daunting as well. Then there is the politeness, great attitudes and professionalism of the workers. You have a great group of people working side by side with you. Just thought you should know.”

John Nolt, Residential System Owner

“The people at ARiES were great to work with.  They are professional but friendly, and they got our home PV system up and running on time and on budget.  When small glitches arose, they fixed the problems promptly and efficiently.  The system is performing beautifully, and we’re generating more power than we use.  I especially appreciate working with a neighborly Knoxville-based company with no bureaucracy and no bullshit.”

Greg D. Williams, P.E., General Manager/Executive Vice President – Appalachian Electric Cooperative

“AEC recently partnered with ARiES Solar in submitting a proposal in response to an RFP for TVA’s Solar PV project. The project is intended to explore and help fund possible community solar business models in the Valley. Both Harvey and Mary have demonstrated a commitment and level of enthusiasm for our project that has motivated me and our team. Their expertise in this field is obvious and the resources they bring to the table are impressive. The proposal was noted by TVA as being one of the best among those submitted, which is a direct reflection on ARiES Solar and their staff. We look forward to implementing a successful project in partnership with the ARiES Solar team.”

Richard Gardner, Course Editor, Small Pros Legal and Ethics

“ARiES Solar stands apart from its competitors. Here’s why:
• Focus on Cost-Effectiveness
• Wide Variety of Renewable Energy Solutions
• Professionalism
• Experience
• Expert Judgment
A few years ago, when solar PV became popular, renewable energy contractors seemed to come out of the woodwork. Their sales people were told to get out there and “find those early adopters,” willing to take a gamble on photovoltaic power. (This became a source of amusement for people like my buddy Ted Hall, who’s been living off the grid for 30 years.) The resurgence of interest in solar PV has been fueled by lower costs for components, rising electricity prices, government incentives, concerns about the environment and proven, large-scale success. Germany, (which has roughly the same potential for solar generation as Alaska), recently set a record solar output of 22,000 megawatts. That’s double the amount of power Doc Brown needed to send Marty McFly Back to the Future. In May, 2012, Germany had a sunny day when 40% of the country’s electrical power was being supplied by the sun. Wherever you stand on nuclear power, mountaintop mining or deep well drilling, the Germans have demonstrated that solar PV is a viable source of energy. The technology is efficient, the costs are acceptable and return on investment is assured. So if you can’t put the letters “PEA,” after your name (photovoltaic early adopter), that’s okay; it just means you have more options to choose from. If you’d like, ARiES can issue a press release and throw a party when your new system is complete. But what kind of system do you need?

That’s where the five bullet points above come into focus:
• Cost-Effective- Renewable energy shouldn’t be a fashion accessory. ARiES can give you a detailed estimate of your return on investment.
• Wide Variety- Solar PV is not the answer to every energy question. ARiES solutions include CHvP (hydrogen from biomass,) solar thermal, and geothermal.
• Professionalism- Project management is what ARiES does. They’ll help outline the deliverables, define the scope and keep you informed throughout execution. Most importantly, they’ll make sure you’re satisfied when the job is complete.
• Experience- The staff at ARiES has been involved in many of the largest (and smallest) successful projects in East Tennessee.
• Expert Judgment- In the project management world, expert judgment is the most important—and sometimes the only—tool specified in many key areas of planning and execution. It’s the difference between a project that follows the plan and one that takes on a life of its own. I’ve worked with or competed against the entire staff of ARiES Solar . We’ve served on committees, delivered presentations to professional organizations and worked hard to build a foundation for the future of renewable energy. I think we’re all proud of our community activism, as well as the efforts of our friendly competitors. Collectively the ARiES Solar team also has the most impressive portfolio of successful projects in East Tennessee.  They deliver what they promise.”

Teri Brahams, Executive Director-Bus & Comm Services, Pellissippi State Community College

“Harvey has done a masterful job of helping companies obtain grant funding to assist with solar installations at their site. He understands the opportunities, how to seek them and how to prepare them and has been very successful. I would highly recommend anyone interested in installing solar to talk with him. It will be well worth your time.”

John Edd Wampler, President, Family Brands International

“It was John Heywood who said “Many hands make light work.” The dictionary defines that quote as “Large tasks become small when divided among several people.” If someone wants to really have firsthand experience with what that means, they need only to have your team assist them with the grant applications, permits, design, construction and everything your team does to make a green energy product a reality. Your hard work made my work easy!”

Samuel Weaver, President, Proton Power

“Harvey has a great personal touch in bringing potential customers to our business. He has good insight regarding how a product fits with potential customers. Harvey is energetic, punctual and has great suggestions.”

Warren Nevad, Management Consultant, University of Tennessee MTAS

“Harvey has become a tremendous asset to the solar industry in Tennessee. His superior work ethic and zest for clean energy separates him from other industry professionals. He has become an excellent ambassador for the Tennessee Renewable Energy & Economic development Council (TREEDC), a statewide economic development organization of local elected officials and businesses who are collaborating together to fast track renewables such as solar to Tennessee. Harvey brings solutions and a “can do” attitude for solar energy development in Tennessee. The University of Tennessee and TREEDC enjoy working with him.”

Katie Granju, Freelance Consultant, Social Media Strategy

“Harvey’s genuine passion for the work he does on behalf of his clients is reflected in the results he achieves. As he has been with so many issues, Harvey is ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding the emerging sustainable energy marketplace. He’s already an expert in an area that so many people are just beginning to explore. I’m a big fan of Harvey’s, and I recommend him as a smart, thoughtful, visionary thinker for projects of all kinds.”

Susan DeVico, President, SD Communications

“Harvey is a superb marketing communications professional — and one of the finest and most dedicated individuals I’ve ever worked with during my career. It is wonderful working with Harvey on the mission to make solar a mainstream energy solution! Harvey’s expertise, energy, and commitment to doing great work come shining through in everything he does.”

Randy DeBord, Developer, DeBord Family Partnership

“I have been working with Harvey as he has built his career in the Solar PV industry. I have always been happy with the work that he has done at Solar Alliance and at his previous companies. The key difference to me is that he is very committed to his word. In fact, I was one of the people that turned down his offer to provide our company with a Solar PV for over two years. At first it seemed too good to be true but after I saw the results of Wampler’s Farm unit I changed my mind. The only mistake I made is that I missed the best opportunities for grant funding because I was not a believer and delayed my decision to move forward earlier. That being said, I can now tell you through experience that the solar production will often be higher than McFarland Pharmacy’s monthly consumption. In the 8 months that I was able to employ our system it saved McFarland $7,600.00. In an economy like this I am happy we did it. If you are interested in the benefits of solar energy you may want to act now since the funding gets less and the competition for the same funds get greater each year. This year I will be installing our second PV unit in the historic downtown Morristown, TN. It is a great feeling to be able to preserve our beautify, historic downtown area while bringing it up-to-date by a full century. I look forward to experiencing the new system because the systems are getting more efficient each year. I am even more excited about being able to do my part in saving valuable American resources at the same time that I am reducing our demand for foreign fuel sources.”

Bobby Hicks, Project Manager, ALSTOM Power

“I recently have had the pleasure of working with ARiES Solar on the design and installation of a 56kW solar installation at the Alstom, Chattanooga business unit.  ARiES Solar was chosen among six companies to assist with making our solar project a reality.  In particular, Harvey Abouelata, Patrick West and Mary Shaffer Gill worked tirelessly to identify all possibilities for grants for our project, and worked in an extremely tight time frame (due to availability of certain grants) to design an amazing solar structure and manage all subcontractors to ensure the project was completed on time and at the highest level of quality.  Without ARiES Solar and the work completed towards receipt of grants, Alstom Chattanooga’s solar project simply would not have happened.   I highly recommend Harvey and his team for any energy related solution.”

Tom Leonard, Director, Sevier Solid Waste, Inc.

“Harvey and the whole ARiES staff have been great to work with. If I need anything all I have to do is ask and they will make it happen. Harvey’s ability to convey the message about the [waste to energy biomass] system has really helped in presentations to our board. His passion for renewable energy projects comes through in every presentation and has really helped to sell this project.”

Cortney Piper, Principal, Piper Communications

“Harvey and his team at ARiES Solar are fantastic innovators and outspoken champions of the renewable energy sector. People I’ve known that work with Harvey and his team can’t say enough good things about their ability to find solutions for any renewable energy project.”

Gil Melear-Hough, President of the Board, TenneSEIA, Tennessee Solar Energy Industries Association

“Harvey is one of the leading professional in the solar industry for the State of Tennessee and beyond. He is hard working, but more important he is a deal maker who is able to think outside the box to make things happen. He does not just get a good percentage of the available jobs, but he is able to actually grow the market by creative thinking and is able to see not just what is possible today, but what can be possible. He is the kind of leader that is critical to growing our cutting edge clean energy business into a major industry for the state and the region.”

Ted Wampler, Jr., President, Wampler’s Farm Sausage

“From our first small solar project to our [biomass] system and energy independence, Harvey has been our partner every step of the way.  Harvey and his team have made what seems impossible, possible.  He has been the person that brought us our best projects after he won our first look into green energy.  Now, Harvey has become the first person we go to on any energy project we even consider.”

Kimberly S. Greene, Former Executive Vice President and Chief Generation Officer, Tennessee Valley Authority

“Harvey is a creative thinker who is willing to bring both new and forward-thinking ideas to the table.  He has a real passion for his work and wants all of the participants in his projects to be successful.”

Lisa New, Interim Executive Director, Knoxville Zoo

“I met Harvey Abouelata in the Knoxville Zoo’s quest to launch an impactful sustainability program. Recycling is great and important, but we wanted to energize the staff and community while reducing our utilities with a big  initiative.  Solar Alliance Energy brought creative ideas to help us achieve our goals.  They did quality work very quickly to install a 50KW solar array.  But more than that, Harvey and his team believe in the zoo’s efforts to conserve wild animals and wild places by reducing our carbon footprint. They embraced our mission and have become true partners on our path to becoming a greener Knoxville Zoo”

Philip T. Hodge, 100 Aker Wood Morgans

“Just a brief note thanking everyone at ARiES Solar for all your hard and productive work over the past year. From initial contact with you and Harvey, through installation with Stefan and Brandt, to completion with everyone, it has been a fun project. And a profitable one – we are now a net negative energy user! The PV field is producing more electricity than is consumed by the farm, and the steel fabrication shop! Combined with the USDA grant you arranged for us, I can’t imagine why everyone doesn’t drop whatever they’re doing and install a similar field. Thanks again, and if the TVA ever raises the maximum allowable size of a PV array, sign us up.”

Wayne Wykoff, Partner, Sexton and Wykoff

“Solar Alliance Energy and Harvey and his staff have allowed my company to put a 50KW system on our roof with flawless execution from the beginning of the idea up and until after the installation.  They come and check to make sure we are going well and I suspect that this great service will continue indefinitely. The business side of the solar investment is unbeatable.  Assuming that the cost of energy does not go up, this system will pay for itself in 6.5 years.  What is not to like?  If you want a good sound investment and get the opportunity to deal with great people, call Harvey and the gang.”

Paul B. Blanch, Builder and Homeowner

“I built my own home and acted as a general contractor for those tasks I could not do own my own; so, I’ve had extensive experience with all sorts of different types of workers. The folks at ARiES, and their installers, were absolutely the most professional, knowledgeable, and courteous group I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. My solar system is running perfectly and has met or exceeded all of my expectations. When I upgrade my system to include battery back-up, you can be sure I’ll depend on ARiES to do the work.”