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Below is an example of how a 10kW system will affect the energy costs for the average home.


Electricity Usage and Solar PV Production

The average home in Tennessee uses 14,604kWh annually.  With a 10kW system your home will produce 11,970kWh annually and save yo 82% of your home’s energy costs.

  • Average Annual Energy Usage for a Tennessee Home – 14,604kWh 100%
  • Estimated Annual Energy Production – 11,970kWh 82%

Residential Solar System Costs:

Installed cost per watt:  $3.50


Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) – Install:     $1,000

TVA Buy Back “retail” + $0.02:  $0.126

Average retail cost per kWh in Tennessee is 0.106

Federal Tax Credit:  30%

Federal Tax Credit per Watt:  $1.05

Life of System:  25 years

Cost per kWh after incentives (over life of System): $0.08 kWh


Annual Electricity Costs

Average cost of Electricity without Solar in Tennessee:  $1,549.48

Average cost of Electricity with Solar in Tennessee:  $40.07

The people at ARiES were great to work with.  They are professional but friendly, and they got our home pv system up and running on time and on budget.  When small glitches arose, they fixed the problems promptly and efficiently.  The system is performing beautifully, and we’re generating more power than we use.  I especially appreciate working with a neighborly Knoxville-based company with no bureaucracy and no bullshit.

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