Residential Application: 4.59kW Off-Grid Solar System

A private resident contacted us to help make his dream of an off-grid home a reality. Unlike the majority of our solar installations, which connect to municipal power supplies, this 4.59kW off-grid system stores the excess energy produced on site. The battery selected for this system is a reconditioned forklift battery. It was chosen for its capacity and cost as compared to a new battery bank.

Looking forward, we designed the system so that the owner can add onto the PV array up to an additional 1.53kW in the future without having to replace any equipment.

Lastly we provided a heat pump water heater to provide the domestic hot water for the home.


  • Project: 4.59kW Off-Grid Residential Solar System
  • System Commissioned: October 2013
  • Power Production: 5,967 kilowatt hours annually
  • Carbon Offset: 9,060 pounds CO2 offset annually, Equivalent of planting 39 trees annually


  • Solar Panels: 18 Centrosolar 225 Watt Modules
  • Inverter: Radian GS8084
  • Mounting: DPW Ballasted Ground Mount
  • Battery: 48 Volt 44kWh Refurbished Traction Battery


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