Commercial Application: Three Rivers Market 50 kW Solar PV System

Three Rivers Market, a local Knoxville co-op, is setting the example for sustainable businesses in Tennessee. After years of making local and sustainable foods available to the Knoxville area, they are going one better and installing a new 50 kW solar system that will save money for its 6,000 member-owners in the long term and provide clean, sustainable energy. According to Three Rivers Market General Manager, Jacqueline Arthur, three things define their vision of success: that their community has access to healthy food, their local economy is humane and strong, and the people in their community are happy. “To us, access to healthy food means natural and organic foods are readily available. This requires protection and oftentimes, restoration, of our natural world. A humane and strong local economy requires a commitment to the growth and development of the local, natural, and organic food system. This is impossible if our environment is polluted. By investing in clean, solar energy, we are helping to make local production of natural and organic food possible,” Arthur says. Not only does the new solar system keep the environment clean for local farmers, but it also saves the co-op money. “Going solar was a practical decision that fits into our long-range plans for sustainable growth and service to our members and our community. It is also a dream come true. We knew our roof would be a good platform for solar some day. The strong support of our members and our community allowed us to move forward a lot sooner than we thought possible when we expanded and relocated our store three years ago.” “For any financially conservative, locally-owned, values-based business or organization with a long-term commitment to our region, it is the right thing to do. The financial, environmental, and social return on the investment is unequivocal.”



  • Project: Three Rivers Market 50 kW Solar Photovoltaic System
  • System Commissioned: June 21, 2014
  • Power Production: 63,850 kilowatt hours annually
  • Carbon Offset: 97,065 lbs CO2 offset annually, equivalent to burning 47,291 lbs of coal


  • Solar Panels: 63,850 kilowatt-hours annually
  • Inverter: DPW P6 PowerRail (Made in the USA)
  • Mounting: Power-One PVI-10.0-I


  • TVA Green Power Providers (read more)
  • Federal Investment Tax Credit



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