Commercial Application: Wayne Wykoff, 50kW Solar PV System

Kilowatt Hours Produced Annually

Pounds of CO2 Offset Annually

Wykoff and Sexton, LLC 50kW Solar Installation_10206989413_l

Project Construction

  • Project: Wayne Wykoff Commercial Property, 50kW Solar Photovoltaic System
  • System Commissioned: August 23, 2013
  • Power Production: 62,475 kilowatt hours annually
  • Carbon Offset: 98,539 lbs CO2 offset annually, equivalent of planting 421 trees annually

Project Equipment Specifications

  • Solar Panels: 200 CentroSolar 250-Watt Modules
  • Inverters: 4 Fronius 11.4-3
  • Mounting: DPW P6 PowerRail

Grants and Incentives

  • TVA Green Power Providers (read more)
  • Federal Business Investment Tax Credit

Utility and Authorities

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