• Estimated Energy Usage Before – 43kWh 100%
  • Energy Usage After – 12kWh 28%


  • Project Designer: ARiES Solar
  • Installer: Jonathan Nicolosi
  • Estimated Usage Before Retrofit: 43,374kWh per year
  • Estimated Usage After Retrofit: 12,577kWh per year
  • Approximate Energy Savings: 30,797kWh per year, or 71% of lighting use
  • Approximate Financial Savings: $122,000 over 20 years on lighting bills and cost avoidance for maintenance and replacement bulbs
  • Payback Time: Approximately 2.4 years

The folks at 212 Market wanted to reduce their electric bills and their environmental footprint while providing a comfortable, well-lit atmosphere for their clients.  ARiES had just the solution.

ARiES completed a lighting retrofit that replaced the existing overhead lighting with energy efficient lighting, reducing the amount of energy 212 Market uses for lighting by 71%. Of course, all LED products come with a five year all inclusive warranty; if it fails, it will be replaced.

We went through every room and evaluated their lighting needs, opting to install LED lights in place of their incandescent bulbs.  It was important to maintain the warm aesthetic for the customers, so we chose bulbs that distributed a soft, warm light.

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