Energy Monitoring



  • If you know when and where you use the most electricity, energy monitoring helps you take the next step to control your consumption and your costs.
  • Energy monitoring can be installed with or without energy production, so contact us now if you want to record your production and/or consumption details, discover energy hogs, lower your peak energy demand, verify meter readings and/or have the ability to accurately project bills.
  • Gain a full understanding of your energy use.
  • Having real-time energy usage information empowers our customers to immediately identify energy issues in their building.
  • Receive notifications based on real-time data to remind you that it’s time to perform routine maintenance of either the consumption equipment or the generation equipment.
  • These systems can also alert the ARiES Solar team if a piece of energy production equipment is not performing correctly.


If your energy system needs attention, ARiES energy monitoring will notify you in real time of what issue needs to be addressed.  This can range from equipment that needs to be repaired to alerts about regular maintenance.  We can also setup our monitoring systems to notify us of these issues so you don’t have to worry about it at all.

Start Monitoring Your Energy

The best place to start optimizing your energy usage is to measure it!  Energy monitoring is relatively inexpensive and can give you a better idea of how to save money in the long run.  Contact us today!

Get Started

View live energy monitoring from some of our projects below:

Wykoff and Sexton, LLC 50kW Solar Installation_10206989413_l

Sexton and Wykoff

Bearden Beer Market Installation_9502879596_o

Bearden Beer Market

Knoxville Zoo Lighting Retrofit_12197405966_l

Knoxville Zoo

Cherokee Dam Storage 972kW Solar System_10316350326_o

Cherokee Dam Storage